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ICE COLD IN ICELAND - November 2018

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November was a very interesting month really, earlier in the year I was only saying I wanted to launch my James Nader YouTube Channel and get it rolling and use that location to launch the James Nader Workshops however we needed new content to help publicise.

I remember suggesting it would be a super opportunity to go to Iceland to shoot my location fashion photography and cover shoot workshops.
Would you believe it by the law of attraction this actual opportunity materialised and was in the form to shoot the 2019 Lambertz Calendar. The interesting thing was that Lambertz normally don”t use the same photographer and interesting that normally the photographers are from Germany 🙂

3 weeks in Iceland, 1 week recce and 2 weeks shooting sounded fab, the truth is even though we were in the landscape , the pressure was on to capture at least 2 shots per day which included the travel there and back over 400k!! On most location shoots there are often challenges in production and Iceland provided no exception to this, with Icelandic winds and sleet often through the day. Early morning rain storms that you just didn’t want to go out in.

The country is very beautiful and organic, which offered me personally not only the opportunity to be in the wilderness which i do like so much but also the chance to capture many super pictures and behind the scenes video to launch out very soon

The video above really introduces the dynamic and outstanding wilderness that is ICELAND.

James Nader Workshops are launching very soon but here in the video get a little taster of the location we will c over in our fashion photography workshops.

SHOWING YOUR POKER FACE - YouTube now up and running
February 2019

%photographers blog

finally after 5 years of wanting to,  I have decided to dive down deep into YouTube. For a while now I have been looking forward to getting a little more confident and start to vlog in front of the camera to everyone!! well not so many really 🙁 I know it’s early days but really this is very hard to even get any traction in the early days. Sometimes you ask is it all  worth it? but of course it is.

YouTube is an intelligent way to show the world you and all of this seemed easy at first until you actually give it a go. I can see now that the channels out there really doing well have spent many years curating and  crafting their content unlike me who thought best to just post and hope for the best 🙁 not such a good idea now in retrospect.

Now I have really started to actually get into the rankings and although there is so much great content on YouTube you do think are my four recently added new videos worth it !!, I now understand that the better engagement is only going to happen when viewers see interesting content and hopefully I will do this and you can be my judge so be kind 🙂 but also as the channel owner it will help put my face to the pictures. Not really a good thing but i suppose necessary!

A  tricky decision I might add,  I am not one to normally hog the limelight,  I safely leave this for models or actors, however here we are a month in to creating content and really I have many plans for just shooting everything and  being part of this whole YouTube army of content creators and stand in front of the camera as much as possible and allow people to see me in the raw 🙂 so be gentle and don’t be too harsh. See you on the YouTube next time

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