The Hottest Photography Trends Are Not What a Photographer Should Follow

by James Nader
james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshops

I’m reaching out to you today not just as James Nader, the photographer, but as a fellow explorer in the vast and beautiful world of photography. My journey over the years has been as much about learning and growing as it has been about capturing moments and creating art.

Photography is not just about technicalities or aesthetics; it’s a way of connecting with the world and expressing our deepest emotions and stories. I believe each of us has a unique perspective and a story to tell through our lenses.

I want to encourage you to embrace your journey in photography, no matter where you are on this path. Whether you’re just starting out or have been capturing life through your lens for years, there’s always something new to discover and a new boundary to push.

Let’s embark on this journey of creative exploration together. I’m here not just to share my experiences and knowledge but to learn from you as well. Photography is a conversation between the artist, the subject, and the viewer, and I believe each one of us has something valuable to contribute to this dialogue.

Here’s to capturing the beauty of the world, one photograph at a time.


james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshops

Reviving Timeless Photography: James Nader’s Message
A sincere “hello” to all the photographers, artists, and admirers around the world. In this post, I will recall some of the highlights and lowlights of my career as a fashion and commercial photographer. Taking pictures of attractive individuals in picturesque settings with flawless design is only part of the process. It concerns a deeper, more substantial, more genuine matter. Could you tell me what sort of photographer you are?

If you want to avoid being a “style of the month” photographer, you must avoid this pitfall. Instagram’s current trends may fade into oblivion in the future. Go for work that will stand up to the test of time. Before you take any pictures, give some consideration to how they will age. Will they still have an effect in ten twenty years?


james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshopsWhat matters is the impression you leave behind. It might be depressing when the photographer is unpleasant and cranky. Always be upbeat and a joy to work with on set. Because of this, people will remember and like your work.

Yes, your imagination may bring in the money. Skill and self-assurance are necessary. Keep in mind that your imagination is valuable. Art isn’t everything; knowing how to value and profit from an individual’s creations is essential.

Taking Pictures for a Reason
Strive for genuine, genuine, and genuine photography. Say it with your camera. Make use of it to express something important. Speaking without making a meaningful statement is the same as shooting without conveying a message.

Take a Shot at the Scene
When you get a good shot, keep trying. Taking pictures is like embarking on an adventure. After shooting hundreds of frames, you usually get the photo you were going for. This is true, but consideration when you shoot pictures, is fundamental in photography. Keep pushing yourself beyond that first “I have it” moment and discover all the possibilities for creativity that lie within.

james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshopsLooking From Above
The ultimate meaning of a picture is beyond our control. We can only give it our all throughout capture and post-production, hoping it will move the audience.

Master Your Craft
In photography, specialisation is important. You may get momentum and fame by niching down. Give close attention to one subject at a time, whether you’re taking pictures of clouds, people, or clothing. Recognition and high demand in the field are outcomes of specialisation.

Make Your Own Legacy
Keep in mind that nobody will ever make you famous. Making a lasting impression, starting revolutions, and conveying profound ideas through photography are all within your purview. Photographs are a means of expression. In using it, what are you hoping to convey?

Put your shooting skills to the test.
Embrace the journey of life and challenge yourself creatively. Keep track of your progress and create magic with your skills. Everything in life is short-term, but our photography should be long-lasting, equal to those images of the great master photographers.

These observations have influenced my photographic practice and professional development after more than 30 years in the field. I wish them the best of luck in helping you discover your own voice and making art that will last a lifetime.

Your presence on this path is much appreciated.


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