Hidden Dangers of AI Photography – How Is AI. Changing Photography

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Hidden Dangers of AI Photography – How Is AI. Changing Photography


Whilst AI seems to be taking over, and we hear less about NFTs because of this, I am reluctant to step into the role of Ai

In this article, I wanted to touch on the subject of AI. in photography briefly and what it could mean for the Creative Industries and Photography or being a photographer, model, or model agent. 


In the realm of media influencers, they have gained popularity for their endorsements and large followings. However, the emergence of intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing influencer culture by introducing AI-generated influencers who might eventually replace real-life ones. These digital personas, like Caryn Marjorie’s identity, are gaining attention through techniques such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

Anticipating Future Challenges: My Perspective on AI Women in Photography & Creative Industries


Pictures Courtesy of PhotoAxai – Instagram AI Digital Artist. james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshops


AI-generated photos provide photographers with new creative and innovative tools. However, this implies that AI-generated material, which can generate high-quality photographs without the need for traditional photographic abilities, will face growing competition. Photographers may need to adapt by incorporating AI technology into their work or focusing on parts of photography that AI cannot mimic, such as capturing human emotions and spontaneous events.


The rise of AI influencers represents a shift in the sort of material that consumers find engaging. Models may face competition from these immaculate, AI-generated rivals, making landing regular modeling jobs difficult. However, this might offer up new avenues for models to interact in digital areas, such as being the faces of AI influencers or branching into digital modeling.

Modelling Agencies:

Agencies’ business strategies may need to be altered in order to include AI. This might entail portraying virtual models or providing services for creating and managing AI-generated personas. Furthermore, agencies may emphasize the unique characteristics of human models that AI cannot mimic, such as personal tales and true human interactions.

AI and 3D technologies are becoming more common in fashion, but human models are still important. Although hyperrealistic digital models have improved, they cannot match actual humans’ authenticity and emotional expression. Human models are more relatable and inspiring than computer models because they have unique facial features and movements. Digital models may be time-consuming and resource-intensive to create, making human models more feasible. Technology is good for promoting body acceptance, but actual models may also do this by accepting human flaws and uniqueness. Human models have an actual ‘imperfection’ that connects with humans, unlike AI and 3D representations.

james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshopsThese AI-powered influencers, often portrayed as women on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, are causing a stir. Despite not being individuals, they have amassed online followings.

The rise of AI influencers brings forth challenges. Unlike influencers, they lack authenticity due to their absence of experiences and emotions. They often embody beauty standards. Can blur the line between genuine recommendations and paid advertisements in influencing consumer behaviour. Using these personas in social media advertising raises transparency and potential deception concerns.

AI-powered influencers threaten the job prospects of influencers as they offer marketers a controlled and cost-effective alternative. However, their content lacks creativity and spontaneity, leading to predictability. Moreover, since they lack emotions and empathy, their existence contributes to the sense of detachment in online relationships.



james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshops

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