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Germán Benito - Creative Child Which Survived

Germán’s work shows a superb balance of colour, fantastic skin textures and the ability to mix its content into marvellous artistic interpretations. Contemporary incarnations of surrealistic fantasy are similar to that of Dali. Because of the language barrier, we have kept the interview concise and used Google translate to get the full article.

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The Interview Archives for 2023/24

Every three weeks we feature our chosen artist from the Creative Industries. I have been in this Genre for over 25 years in every aspect including being a Creative Director in an Interactive Agency. I have seen how tricky it is to get noticed and get your work seen. I am using Silvergumtype not only to share my work and process but to give a platform for other creatives around the world.

If you would like to get featured please just drop us an email with some samples and our team will review your content and get back to you. If you can send us anything   then send us links to your work or your Instagram feed and we can let you know from there

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David Gleave – The Monochromist from Manchester

Manchester photographer David Gleave has a succinct style, with monochromatic interpretations of people around various cities. His main passion is Manchester and I can agree that this is a gritty city and offers a photographer many shooting opportunities with its fabulous backstreets which as yet have not been dealt the developer blows of ruination.

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Gervisuals – The Creative Adult from the Child Which Survived

Germán Benito is a Spanish Digital Artist specialising in fantasy photo edits and surreal compositions. He has been featured by Photoshop and Wacom, but I first noticed his name when we had the interview from @jillianlee one of her pictures had been edited by @gervisuals The truth is you see Photoshop art but there was something that captured my attention as an avid Photoshop user.

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Jillian Lee - The Busy Bee from Naples, Florida

Jillian Lee has a knack for creating a slightly surrealistic tone within her work,  with rich tones and manipulations which capture your attention. I love the ease with which she asks the viewer to take her journey through the lens. I did this and found myself wrapped up in the sumptuous colours and compositions evident in this selection we are showing this week.

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John Allen - Senior Creative Art Buyer

John Allen – Industry Professional – National Advertising Agency.
An art buyercreative producer and photographer working with direct clients, agencies and art directors creating content for websites, social media channels, advertising campaigns. John has a background that spans both photography and advertising. Having spent time as a Creative Services DirectorArt Buyer and Stills Producer within a large agency,

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Angelica Stenvinkel - Creative Fashion Stylist

Angelica’s Stenvinkel and her styling demonstrates that quirky edge appeal which I love and although working on campaigns internationally she manages to indulge in some fabulously eccentric imagery which piqued my interest. Some of Angelica’s avantgarde themes have a subtly brash and outspoken look and convey a narrative that is current but also classic.

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Guy Farrow - The Robust Approach

As far as Advertising Photographers go Guy Farrow stands out in a crowded arena of well-established photographers for his robust and well-rounded approach to everything advertising. His great love of the outdoors and passion for the extreme flows through his veins..

See Guys’s Portfolio and Interview

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Kieron Beard - An Englishman Abroad

I first noticed the work of Kieron Beard as one of my followers and likers of my own images and who followed my own Instgram account. My attention was piqued not only by his observation skills in street photography but for his processing skills and manipulations. 

See Kieron’s Portfolio and Interview

Fashion Photographer James Nader: Editorial Fashion Photography : Celebrity Portrait Photographer: Haute Couture.

Kai Bakkei and his Portrayal of a Muse and Other things!

Seeing the work of Kai Bakkei within his Instagram feed, you will notice three things. His use of a beautiful Muse, a mix of still life and a consistent has classic fimic feel, with his rich, warm tones in his monochrome resembling the classic selenium toned Afa papers we used to know and love.

See His Portfolio and Interview

%photographers blog

Angelina Bertrand - Intriguing Camera Woman from Latvia

Seeing Angelina’s image for the first time gave me a wired sense of Deja Vous. I was certain her style of capture was familiar, and then after scrolling through her Instagram feed, it was clear her style had a monochromatic reference to the great Helmut Newton and his own style of capture.

See Angelina’s Portfolio and Interview

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