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85% of Photographers Fail, Why? and What You Can Do Different!

I Have Failed Many Times Along The Way – Failed to Succeed
James Nader & Some Wise Words

So many photographers ask themselves, “What am I doing wrong?” when they have trouble getting clients. You can’t expect to start receiving clients simply because you own a camera, upload some photos, and wish to make it as a professional photographer.

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Explore Your Gateway to Exclusive Insights From My 20 Years Working at The Top

Insiders have access to what it’s really like to work as a top photographer.
Opening up an online community for photographers struggling to find a niche and wanting to understand aspects of running a successful mid-6 figure turnover photography business. The James Nader Newsletter will help you gain knowledge and be the best at what you want to become.

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The unashamed beauty of the images on the fashion pages contrasts with the fantastical creations unveiled in his photomontage galleries.

Even a brief glimpse at the stunning results of James Nader’s fashion photography suggests a uniquely 21st-century fashion photographer with an exceptional pedigree. Technically brilliant, James composes and captures imagery through creative instincts honed on a global stage over two decades.


How to Use a Projector in Projector Photography and iPad

projector photography

Ultimate Guide to Projector Photography – Using a projector as a light source can create an unusual effect in images, projecting patterns and shapes onto the model can produce some interesting graphical images. We will give you all the information you need to get going.
Major Updated Post

How Is AI Changing the World of Photography and its Influence?

ai photography software

With the integration of AI in photography, both amateur and professional photographers have the opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible. From automatic image enhancements to generating entirely new compositions, AI can be a valuable tool in the photographer’s arsenal.

How I Built a Successful Branded Photography Business

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If you’re passionate about photography and looking to level up your career, this is the video for you. Discover how I turned my love for photography into a successful business, partnering with high-value clients and crafting a unique brand along the way. Starting as a humble student with a focus on street photography.

12 Points to Look Out For to Help Become a Photographer

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Starting a photography business from home is a dream for many. The prospect of turning a passion into a profitable enterprise is an alluring one, and it is an idea that is often romanticized. However, the reality is that starting a photography business from home requires hard work, dedication, and a lot of planning.

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The Only Way to Keep Up With Photography News

Unlock the doors to success with premium access that only a select few enjoy. FOMO alert! Our exclusive membership offers you direct access to a photography veteran’s insights, strategies, and techniques. Time waits for no one – seize the chance to stand out, innovate, and transform your photography career today!

In my Newsletter, you will get direct access to me in live webinars, 1-1 with me in groups of 5, and you can shortcut your growth to gaining knowledge, which has taken 20 years or fast-track your business growth to a HIGH 6 Figure income from Photography.

Chat GPT - Photographers Prompts for their Business


ChatGPT is a revolutionary tool developed by OpenAI, perfect for photographers and aimed at transforming the way we communicate and work. This AI-driven platform is designed to make interactions smoother and more efficient. A monkey can press the buttons and get what it wants from it,

Synthetic Seas: Photo Project by James Nader. Use the link below to see on his portfolio

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The “Synthetic Seas: A Visual Voyage by James Nader” series, part of the James Nader Photography Project using mixed media, highlights the urgent issue of plastic pollution through compelling visuals. It aims to prompt a reconsideration of plastic consumption and its adverse effects on nature. Plastic pollution has become a significant threat to wildlife and humans..

Photography Software Reviews & Tutorials
From November

adobe lightroom desktop 2- reviews by photographers blog

Adobe Lightroom offers photographers a digital studio for organizing, editing, and storing photos, with features like unlimited undos, slider-based controls, sync across devices, easy publishing, and non-destructive editing, enhancing workflow and creative contro​l.

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Luminar Neo provides photographers with AI-driven editing tools, enabling quick photo enhancements. Its features like layer-based editing, sky replacement, and object removal foster creativity, while the intuitive interface and workflow efficiency cater to both professionals and hobbyists.

adobe lightroom desktop - reviews by photographers blog

Lightroom Mobile offers photographers a powerful, simple solution for capturing, editing, and sharing photos on-the-go. It provides a dedicated photo capture experience with live camera view effects, enabling creative flexibility and workflow efficiency anytime, anywhere

adobe lightroom desktop - reviews by photographers blog

The Nik Collection by DxO offers photographers excellent film looks, filters, and effects for artistic creation. Its precise profiles enable one-click enhancements, while powerful tools within the collection significantly transform images, facilitating a creative and efficient editing proces​.

Software For Photographers Reviews

A First Look At This Impressive Photographers Editing Software

Photo Editor Luminar Neo: Easy Photo Editing Software

A photo editor is software responsible for enhancing and manipulating digital images to achieve a desired visual outcome. Their primary function is to improve the overall quality and appearance of photographs using image enhancement, restoration, composition, and other image manipulations.


Photo Editor Luminar Neo: Easy Photo Editing Software
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5 Essential lighting tips for portraits - Portrait lighting setups Updated

Article Update

5 Extra Impressive Portrait Lighting Setups

This month, I wanted to feature four standard lighting setups that I use on a regular basis. This is lighting that I often use for portraiture and my location fashion photography, as well as one not-so-typical lighting setup.

Natural Light | Three-Point Lighting | SoftBox | Colour Gels | Studio Light Control: Luminar (Soon)


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How To Create a Perfect Elevator Pitch as a Photographer in 2023

An elevator pitch is a conversation between you and another person when they ask what you do. Not necessarily in a lift or elevator! To visualise this the best way, imagine you are in a lift travelling between floors and the person next to you asks the question. How would you answer, we tell you more about selling yourself between floors!

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Is It Still Possible to Make Money as a PHOTOGRAPHER?

Can you make money in Fashion Photography? I get asked this question so many times. It’s a tricky answer which a few years ago was really simple to answer. With the explosion of social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, Photographers, find it increasingly difficult to find work out there.

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Wedding Photography - Why do Photographers either Love or Hate it?

Wedding photography can be seen as a demanding and high-pressure field, and its reputation might sometimes cause some photographers to shy away from it. However, the notion that it requires a lesser skill set is a misconception. Here are a few reasons why some photographers might shy away from wedding photography:

Five Reasons Why You Never Give Away RAW Files

never give away raw files

In this Photographers Cheat Sheet- We’ll cover everything from lighting and composition to posing and editing. Learn how to utilize natural light to enhance your subject’s features, master the art of posing to flatter your model, and discover the best editing techniques to bring out the true essence of your portraits.

Five Reasons Why You Never Give Away RAW Files

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For me, there are many reasons not to give out any raw files unless my usage or buyouts cover this, and to be honest, this is a rarity these days. I can safely say that I have only done this once and for a big high street company for whom I had previously shot the campaign and was paid. It was for one just image, and they paid handsomely for the file

5 Portrait lighting setups used by James Nader

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Unleash your photography potential with a versatile lighting setups for portraits and location fashion photography. Expand your repertoire, capture dynamic images, and boost confidence with these unique techniques. Elevate your photography with captivating lighting arrangements.

Global Spotlight: Celebrating Visionary Creatives We Adore!

A Journey with Forensic Psychiatrist, Alisa Smith Williams

midjourney ai art illustration -007 photography - top photographers blog - silvergumtype - james nader

Alisa Smith Williams is a practising forensic psychiatrist residing in Virginia, USA. She grew up in Tampa, Florida, during the 1950s and 1970s, a period she describes as idyllic.

See Alisa’s Interview

Gervisuals – The Creative Adult from the Child Which Survived

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Germán Benito is a Spanish Digital Artist specialising in fantasy photo edits and surreal compositions. He has been featured by Photoshop and Wacom,

See Germán Benito’s Interview

David Gleave – The Monochromist from Manchester

noel gallagher - david gleave - top photographers blog silvergumtype

Manchester photographer David Gleave has a succinct style, with monochromatic interpretations of people around various cities.

See David’s Interview

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My Little Tech Section - Items I Use For Photography

This little section is an  infant right now but over time I will begin to feature items of kit and Items I find interesting in the photography tech arena. Not RSS content but the gear I like even if I don’t already have it in my kit arsenal.


Insta360 X3 360 degree video camera - top photographers blog - kit review

INSTA360 X3 Newest 360 Video Camera

The Insta360 X3 is a camera that has revolutionized how we think about capturing video. I recently purchased one to add to my collection of cameras and the 360 camera. For the price it really adds a dynamic new way of showcasing your shoots and YouTube Vlogging

See The Article

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Shure® Microphones - Podcast Microphone MV7

The Shure MV7 is a lovely piece of kit. I purchased this really for my mobile podcasting which is just a thought but also for my YouTube channel to produce quality sound. I used it in this Podcast with “That Icelandic Guy”, who interviewed me for his own podcast.

Some More Information

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A Powerful Little LED Light

This little light has 3 Color Mode Adjustable: The camera photo light provides 50 white light beads and 50 warm light beads, with colour temperatures 2500K-6500K. Warm light, Natural light and Cold light. This can all be adjusted by the small flywheel on the top corner.

Some More Information

Guest Interviews


Top 30 Photography Hashtags For Instagram in 2023

Use these top most popular photography hashtags for Instagram 2023. Copy and paste the tags by using the copy button and paste them into your Instagram post. Find the top 30 photography hashtags for 2023. Selected by TeamNader

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5 ways To Become The Best Photographers Assistant

I get direct emails regularly, often every week, especially at the end of term two in year three. The requests are from graduates or assistants who wish to assist me and then tag on their CV when reaching out to me. It’s perfectly ok to ask like this??

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Presentation Template for Photographers

Presenting your work to a potential client is essential to winning business, however more and more presentations are online and although having a website is excellent, sharing your work in this way can be a great asset. 


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