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This is Silverguymtype my Photographers Blog, where I share my work and creative process with other industry Creatives. I feature those photographers and creatives who have piqued my interest online.  Silvergumtype is the top blog for photographers and creatives worldwide who love photography and the process of taking pictures in any niche. This photographer blog includes articles, a selection of real-life behind-the-scenes photography moments, and an increasing selection of photography articles for a photographer and others to enjoy. Mentoring and a Photography Community.

james nader education

Education for Photographers in 2024

Join the ranks of successful photographers who started just like you. Seize your moment, and leave no room for regret. The journey to greatness starts here - are you ready?

James Nader Education Hub is now open. Launching with top quality FREE content to download. The launch of a set of amazing Film Presets crafted from years of client work and emulating the film stocks from Kodak to Ilford

Top Photography Content

The Dark Room Birmingham - Analog Film & Print Processing

the darkroom birmingham - interview with dan - top photographers blog

Earlier in the year, I encountered a little darkroom in Birmingham. I had one roll of film that I had taken with my Bronica ETRS, and I wanted to develop my first film.  More Here >

My 12 Points to Help You Become a Better Photographer

the top photographers blog silvergumtype - james nader

The prospect of turning a passion into a profitable enterprise is an alluring one, and it is an idea that is often romanticised. However, the reality is anything but that, We discuss here >

How I Use leading Lines to Improve Composition in My Landscapes.

photographers blog- leading lines in landscapes - silvergumtype Blog

Leading Lines: Transforming Ordinary Shots into Masterful Compositions Before you use leading lines to draw attention, you must decide what that something is. It is important We discuss here >

Ultimate Iceland Photography - Trip No.1 Client Campaign

iceland photography ultiimate guide - top photographers blog

Trip number 1 was an awe-inspiring three-week photographic journey through Iceland. Armed with my trusty Nikon and the formidable Fujifilm GFX 50S, I braved the untamed wilderness and the capricious weather. More >

Analog Photography For Beginners a New Beginning

analog photography - retro photographer - james nader top photographers blog silvergumtype

I wanted to revisit the process of analog which many see as outdated, laborious, and unpredictable. Yet, the allure of unpredictability and the rawness of film drew me back to analogue photography Read More >

Ultimate Portrait Tips All Photographers Should Know

%photographers blog

 The importance of capturing razor-sharp eyes cannot be understated. An image will improve in quality even if the lighting and composition are perfectly executed if the eyes are focused. Read More >

midjourney ai creation photography concepts

Artificial intelligence - How Far Will It Go?
The Beginner Guide To Getting Started With A.I.

Illustrators and graphic freelancers have been doing okay until recently, while photographers have generally struggled to compete with the online phenomenon. It’s switched, and illustrators and painters are the creatives now facing the threat of no work as A.I. can easily create beautiful compositions from simple word prompts and all in real quick time.

We look into the phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence within the Creative Process and Photography.

New AI Images – Updated Jan 2024

Interesting Articles for Photographers

Become an Expert Photographer with Composition, Shape and Form

james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshops

To add depth to a flat photography composition, it’s important to master the art of lighting and perspective. Light and perspective manipulation allows you to create the illusion of depth and space in your subjects.

Five Reasons Why You Never Give Away RAW Files

%photographers blog

Before commencing any project, you must manage your client’s expectations about what they are paying for and what they actually get for their money. I discuss in detail why you must never give them away here >


james nader fashion lighting masterclasses and workshops

If you want to avoid being a “style of the month” photographer, you must avoid this pitfall. Instagram’s current trends may fade into oblivion in the future. I express my own opinions here >

A First Look At This Impressive Photographers Editing Software

Photo Editor Luminar Neo: Easy Photo Editing Software

A photo editor is software responsible for enhancing and manipulating digital images to achieve a desired visual outcome. Their primary function is to improve the overall quality and appearance of photographs using image enhancement, restoration, composition, and other image manipulations.

Photo Editor Luminar Neo: Easy Photo Editing Software

Free Photographers Content - Photographers Must to Have

freemium content - free content for photographers

Free Useful Content is available for photographers to download and use completely free, which includes free Lightroom presets, business contract templates, model releases, and the perfect portrait prompts for Midjourney

5 Ways for Photographers to Use ChatGPT for AI


5 Ways for Photographers to Use ChatGPT. Photographers can harness the capabilities of ChatGPT to significantly enhance their work and business operations in several innovative ways: We discuss it in depth here >

The Ultimate Portrait Photographers Cheat Sheet & Tricks

james nader avantgarde photographer photographers blog

In the fast-paced world of photography, it’s important to have a handy resource with the knowledge and techniques needed to create captivating portraits. This cheat sheet offers a comprehensive guide. Read to find out More >

projector photography 2 top photographers blog

5 Top Tips for Projector Photography
How to Use a Projector as a light

Using a projector in a photoshoot: Ways that you can use a projector to enhance your creativity in photography using your iPhone or laptop to control the image projected onto your model.

top photography hashtags in 2024

Top 30 Photography Hashtags For Instagram in 2023

Use these top most popular photography hashtags for Instagram 2024. Copy and paste the tags by using the copy button and paste them into your Instagram post. Find the top 30 photography hashtags for 2024.

become a better photographers assistant

5 ways To Become The Best Photographers Assistant

Requests are from graduates or assistants who wish to assist me and then tag their CV when reaching out to me. It’s perfectly okay to ask like this, but for me, you must suggest exactly how you can help and assist the photographer in your message.

5 lighting tips for portraits - Portrait lighting setups

This month I wanted to feature four standard lighting setups that I use on a regular basis. This is lighting which I often use for portraiture and my location fashion photography(as well as one not so typical lighting setup). These setups will add confidence to your photography technique. You can add them to your repertoire, which helps you create unique, dynamic portraits and fashion work. 


fashion photographer james nader-fel Casseili-beauty-headshots lighting


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My 5 Tips For Black & White Portrait Techniques

Setting up shots in a studio or location with flat light would be the best way to understand the tones you can see. It can be quite an excellent technique to shoot raw, but view your images by setting your in-camera settings to monochrome to help your eyes adjust More Here >

%photographers blog

Photographing Lebanon - Its not what the Media Says!

A suggestion by the media so that we see that the country is in worse condition than it really was. Most areas were pretty modern, and I, for one, was in total amazement at the beauty of Centreville ( City Centre) after the 15-year war

%photographers blog


Interesting how the baron Skeletal tree has more artistic merit than the fully blossomed tree at the bottom of the Journal. Singularity and painterly. I found or find this tree inspirational and happened to document a month’s growth into full bloom. I noticed more in Lockdown.

%photographers blog
james nader educatio and photography mentor

6 Hot Tips for Finding Your Perfect Photography Mentor

Whether you take pictures for fun on the weekends or as a serious job, a photography mentor can help you improve your skills and way of doing things.see if you need one here?

elevator pitch - top photographers blog james nader 2 - silvergumtype

Is It Still Possible to Make Money as a PHOTOGRAPHER?

Making Money as a Photographer, It’s a tricky answer and a few years ago it was really simple. With the explosion of social media and now AI. Is it increasingly difficult to find work out there?

How to Become a Successful Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography - Why do Photographers either Love or Hate it?

Wedding photography is a demanding. Its reputation might sometimes cause some photographers to shy away from it. However, the notion that it requires a lesser skill set is a misconception or is it?

elevator pitch - toop photographers blog james nader - silvergumtype

How To Create a Perfect Elevator Pitch as a Photographer in 2023

What’s your key elevator pitch?  To visualise this the best way, imagine you are in a lift travelling between floors, and the person next to you asks the question. How would you answer? 


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