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Hello, my name is James Nader, a Fashion, Advertising and Portrait Photographer from the UK. This is my own blog / magazine where I share my work and creative process and that of other creatives. I feature those photographers and creatives who have piqued my interest online.  Silvergumtype is fast becoming a platform for photographers and creatives worldwide to showcase their work, including articles, a selection of real-life behind the scenes photography moments, and an increasing selection of photography articles for a photographer and others to enjoy.

Shooting Street Photography in Havana Cuba

This Summer I found myself heading off to Cuba for a vacation but really wanted to get to Havana and try out my new Street Photography Skills

Thing was all I had was my iPhone and Lightroom Mobile to help me create the look. I had taken a small Sony Cybershot but I just didn’t get on with it. I tell you my story…

Cuba street photography in havana cuba by james nader


Portrait Tips All Photographers Should Know

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Post 15:03:23

A subject’s eyes are an integral element among all portrait photography tips, serving as a window to their soul. The importance of capturing razor-sharp eyes cannot be understated. An image will improve in quality even if the lighting and composition are perfectly executed if the eyes are focused.

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Iceland Road Trip February 2023 - James Nader

Iceland road trip - James Nader - silvergåumtype

Post 13:02:23

A Road Trip sounds good; where? Iceland Sounded Perfect.
My 2023 Road Trip to Iceland is from the 22nd of February until the 27th and you will see me head further west of Iceland. The idea? To capture landscapes, people and places as a type of photographer’s project. Full story in a few weeks

Guide to Film & Analog Photography a New Beginning

analog photography - black and white photography guide - analog directory

Post 09:02:23

This year sees me head back into the darkroom to embark once again on my Analog Revolutionary dive back into the classic process of darkroom printing and processing whilst we develop a guide and listing to everything Analog. You can follow me on my journey as I once again discover the classic photographic processes

Content will be live in Mid March and Growing

Download FREE PDF for Photographers


A FREE PDF Helping Promote a photographers Business in 2023. This PDF helps photographers think about bringing about a change in their business. In a concise and practical guide which is free to download.  Keeping your head above water in business as a photographer today is challenging.


Five Reasons Why You Never Give Away RAW Files

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Post 15:04:22

For me, there are many reasons not to give our any raw files unless my usage or buyouts cover this and to be honest, this is a rarity these days. I can safely say that I have only done this once and for a big high street company for whom I had previously shot the campaign and was paid for. It was for one just image, and they paid handsomely for the file

Learn Why You Never Give Away Raw Files

5 lighting tips for portraits - Portrait lighting setups

This month I wanted to feature four standard lighting setups that I use on a regular basis. This is lighting which I often use for portraiture and my location fashion photography(as well as one not so typical lighting setup). These setups will add confidence to your photography technique. You can add them to your repertoire, which helps you create unique, dynamic portraits and fashion work. 


best photography blog - fashion photogrphers blog

MAY UPDATE - NFT's Photography Art - NEWS HUB - Collating my own collections to drop!


Photography NFTs are gathering pace. Money is being made in the NFT World and the likes of celebrities and football teams are collaborating to create their own and jump in feet first. I am not sure how this is all going to end but if Gary V is on board then it must be right! I have been pulling together various pictures. This previous post features a couple which has drawn interest via Twitter.

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My POLAROID MOOD BOARDS | Creating Your Own Mood boards in Photography

%photographers blog

It was tricky to create a mood board in the past and that was purely because there just wasn’t the chance to do this. there was no online in those days. The best option was to do a few days recce at the location and then use POLAROIDS to document it. I would then stick these polaroids into a book and then run through them with the client,

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Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk

Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk is a Dutch contemporary artist.

Her creative path started with liquid pigments and a brush, but her way led her away from painting as life so often does. Claiming space for her creative practice. Gemmy tells a story through the use of lines, light, colour and the contrast between them”. Guided by intuition and an obsession to create, moving liquid pigments on a canvas.

We ask her about her work

%photographers blog

Germán Benito -
Photoshop & Digital Artist AKA @Gervisuals

Germán’s work shows a superb balance of colour, fantastic skin textures and the ability to mix its content into marvellous artistic interpretations. Contemporary incarnations of surrealistic fantasy are similar to that of Dali. Because of the language barrier, we have kept the interview concise and used Google translate to get the full article.

fashion photographers blog - james nader jillian lee interview

Jillian Lee -
The Busy Bee from Naples Florida

Jillian Lee has a knack for creating a slightly surrealistic tone within her work,  with rich tones and manipulations which capture your attention. I love the ease with which she asks the viewer to take her journey through the lens. I did this and found myself wrapped up in the sumptuous colours and compositions evident in this selection.

fashion photographers blog - james nader john allen interview

John Allen
Creative Art Buyer & Art Director

An art buyer, creative producer working with direct clients, agencies and art directors creating content for websites, social media channels, advertising campaigns. John has a background that spans both photography and advertising. Having spent time as a Creative Services Director, Art Buyer and Stills Producer within a large agency,

%photographers blog

How To Create a Perfect Elevator Pitch as a Photographer

An elevator pitch is a conversation between you and another person when they ask what do you do? Not necessarily in a lift or elevator! To visualise this the best way, imagine you are in a lift travelling between floors and the person next to you asks the question.
Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

2021 fashion photography workshops - portrait workshops

Is It Still Possible to Make Money as a PHOTOGRAPHER?

Can you make money in Fashion Photography? I get asked this question so many times. It’s a tricky answer which a few years ago was really simple to answer. With the explosion of social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, Photographers, find it increasingly difficult to find work out there. We think there are still ways you can..

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Top 30 Photography Hashtags For Instagram in 2023

Use these top most popular photography hashtags for Instagram 2023. Copy and paste the tags by using the copy button and paste them into your Instagram post. Find the top 30 photography hashtags for 2023. Selected by TeamNader

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5 ways To Become The Best Photographers Assistant

Post 30:03:22

I get direct emails regularly, often every week, especially at the end of term two in year three. The requests are from graduates or assistants who wish to assist me and then tag on their CV when reaching out to me. It’s perfectly ok to ask like this, but for me, it’s so crucial that you suggest in your message exactly how you can help and assist the Photographer.

Learn To Be A Better Assistant

free powerpoint template

Presentation Template for Photographers

Presenting your work to a potential client is essential to winning business, however more and more presentations are online and although having a website is excellent, sharing your work in this way can be a great asset. They can download and retain the information and even share it with others in their team.

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My Little Tech Section - Items I Use For Photography

This little section is an  infant right now but over time I will begin to feature items of kit and Items I find interesting in the photography tech arena. Not RSS content but the gear I like even if I don’t already have it in my kit arsenal.


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VIJIM VL100C Pocket LED Video Light

These little lights a fabulous to carry around in your kit bag and they are so powerful for a unit which is so small. I have a few of these and carry them around even if I am using flash lighting. The unit has bi colour and a powerful output which is controllable. Perfect for inside or outdoor work if the light is fading.

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shure microphones for photographers podcasting - photography blog silvergumtype

Shure® Microphones - Podcast Microphone MV7

The Shure MV7 is a lovely piece of kit. I purchased this really for my mobile podcasting which is just a thought but also for my YouTube channel to produce quality sound. I used it in this Podcast with “That Icelandic Guy” who interviewed me for his own podcast. The sound is superb and the Shure MV7 is extremely easy to use.

Some More Information

Not always the best idea to admit to some types of work - it all means something - My show debut for Channel Four over ten Years Ago

%photographers blog

A while ago and just after leaving my agency to pursue my photography career, work was not always as it is now. Yes I too started working from the bottom up and had to take what was going in the early days. I worked for 7 episodes of the infamous TV show called How to Look Good Naked and worked alongside host Gok Wan. Follow the link to see more of the work. The challenge was light and form plus being in front of the TV cameras.

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Top reasons why photographers should become directors
From nowhere to somewhere - Matt Richardson with Fletcher Cowan.

%photographers blog

Photographers should add Video Directing and Producing to their portfolio for sure. Now is the right time to add to your portfolio the ability to direct, shoot and edit video for yourself or even for brands, after all. I made the leap f faith and jumped right into the deep end by shooting 6 TV shorts for presenter and actor and E – Entertainment Host, Fletcher Cowan. You can too by learning the ropes right now. See more of the story.

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A Photographers Journal - Posts

Previous Interviews

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Angelica Stenvinkel -

Angelica’s styling demonstrates that quirky edge appeal which I love and although working on campaigns internationally she manages to indulge in some fabulously eccentric imagery which piqued my interest. Some of Angelica’s avantgarde themes have a subtly brash and outspoken.

%photographers blog

Angelina Bertand

A sense of freedom and expression in her work and the unconstrained look to her photographs which to the eye, is refreshing and more so as her images capture the essence of beauty with strong, rich blacks and warm mid-tones reminiscent of the great Agfa papers I used to work within the darkroom.

%photographers blog

Kieron Beard

Kieron Beard – The Englishman abroad
Kieron is a British photographer who has been living in France and working in Switzerland since 1998. It only took a decade at the fire brigade, multiple environmental science degrees and a dozen accounting jobs for me to realise photography was probably alright. 


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