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Germán Benito -
Photoshop & Digital Artist AKA @Gervisuals

Germán’s work shows a superb balance of colour, fantastic skin textures and the ability to mix its content into marvellous artistic interpretations. Contemporary incarnations of surrealistic fantasy are similar to that of Dali. Because of the language barrier, we have kept the interview concise and used Google translate to get the full article.

I Tend to Bullshit at Times - No More -Time for Change!

Over the years I have tended to put a positive slant on any errors or in fact we now know this as bullshit. I forgot my card for taking pictures and might have told another story so here si a quick video rant from me changing it up!

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David Gleave - The Gritty Photographer from Manchester

david gleave - photographers blog silver gumtype interview

David Gleave is a gritty photographer from Manchester, The Sharp and striking people Street Photographer. A musician who likes people and began in photography shooting the likes of The Happy Mondays and Noel Gallagher to name just a few.

The Full Interview will be Live in

Lady of Aynhoe - Couture Bridal Shoot

top photographers blog - photographers blog

Shooting a fashion lookbook is important for many brands. Lookbooks are also easier to shoot than editorials as sometimes less is more. The lookbook’s purpose is to show people different ways of styling clothes. Booked to shoot at the incredible Anyhoe Park,

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fashion photographers blog - photographers blog silvergumtype - james nader

New Photoshoot Coming Mid-December Shooting with GFX50S and the XT-3?

Using the Fuji GFX50S and the Fuji XT-3 for the Submission shoot. The full run down on if I would actually keep the XT-3 or move it along and go full hog into just Sony and Nikon?


Shooting a Hair Campaign for Superdrug

Working for a high street brand is often lucrative and well-choreographed. Shooting for a hair campaign is also challenging, it requires lots of time, setups and patience with an idea of the end goal and how retouching will save the day and how we can make this perfect.
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top photographers hashtags for 2022 in photography

Top 30 Photography Hashtags For Instagram in 2022

Use these top most popular photography hashtags for Instagram 2022. Copy and paste the tags by using the copy button and paste them into your Instagram post. Find the top 30 photography hashtags for 2022. Selected by TeamNader

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Jillian Lee -
The Busy Bee from Naples Florida

Jillian Lee has a knack for creating a slightly surrealistic tone within her work,  with rich tones and manipulations which capture your attention. I love the ease with which she asks the viewer to take her journey through the lens. I did this and found myself wrapped up in the sumptuous colours and compositions evident in this selection we are showing this week.

foam genies - top photographers blog - silvergumtype

John Allen
Creative Art Buyer

John Allen – Industry Professional – National Advertising Agency.
An art buyer, creative producer and photographer working with direct clients, agencies and art directors creating content for websites, social media channels, advertising campaigns.
John has a background that spans both photography and advertising. Having spent time as a Creative Services Director, Art Buyer and Stills Producer within a large agency,

Using A Projector for a Light Source

projector photography - top photographers blog photographers blog

In the 1960’s John French photographed models with floral and 60s style patterns projected onto their bodies instead of clothes. These black and white prints represent the versatile and exciting possibilities that projections can offer artists and photographers.

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A Recce in Snow Covered Glencoe

Getting snowed under at work is a challenge, but getting snowed in because of unexpected snow in the UK gave my and my assistant a chance to try something a little different and although we could get perfect pictures for our client, this video documents our funny moments whilst we nearly get cut off on the snow road.

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Street Photography & iPhone

You may not find anyone worth shooting, but this is an easy way to get started. It shouldn’t be terrifying, and you will find that even while standing very close to your subjects, you can take their pictures without arousing suspicion. You can employ the same techniques at street fairs or parades.

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Street Photography on the Beach - Covert Style!

I was first introduced to the work of Bruce Gilden a while ago by a few friends and became intrigued by his candid photography. When I first started photography back in the day, I was influenced then by street photography as this was the most accessible for me at that time.

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Producing Your Own Client Campaigns

Advertising Photographers in London and Manchester can normally work through ad agencies, production agencies, or their agents. There are some advantages of running your own production for smaller clients and building your brand. There are also some disadvantages to the process. James Nader – Nadermedia Production.

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top photographers blog - silvergumtype - fujifilm camera fuji gfx50s-

50+ Camera Angles Every Filmmaker Need to Know

We explore the camera angle as the chosen location at which the camera or video camera is placed to take your shot. Mix this with your optimal composition and you will craft your scene combined with lens choices you are in the business of taking photographs or shooting videography…

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Previous Interviews

kieron beard street photogephy featured on silvergumtype photographers blog

Kieron Beard

Kieron Beard – The Englishman abroad
Kieron is a British photographer who has been living in France and working in Switzerland since 1998. It only took a decade at the fire brigade, multiple environmental science degrees and a dozen accounting jobs for me to realise photography was probably alright.

Angelina Bertand

A sense of freedom and expression in her work and the unconstrained look to her photographs which to the eye, is refreshing and more so as her images capture the essence of beauty with strong, rich blacks and warm mid-tones reminiscent of the great Agfa papers I used to work within the darkroom.

fashion stylist angelica stenvinkeltemodel photogrpahy ryan davies by james nader - top photographers blog silvergumtype

Angelica Stenvinkel -

Angelica’s styling demonstrates that quirky edge appeal which I love and although working on campaigns internationally she manages to indulge in some fabulously eccentric imagery which piqued my interest. Some of Angelica’s avantgarde themes have a subtly brash and outspoken.

Keeping Your Work Quirky - A Prerequisite For Work

top photographers blog 2- james nader photographers blog silvergumtype

Getting noticed as a photographer nowadays days is often the most difficult task, so many shooting almost the same content and style. Just look at Tik Tock and how everyone else is mimicking the best they see to try and be the same. It’s all a matter of time before this all fails drastically whats your exit strategy?
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A Shameless Plug of My YOUTUBE Channel

youtube channel james nader

My Youtube is growing in content and stature but its quite tricky trying to fit it all in when you are a working photographer but I am trying my best. I would really love to get some more Subscribers and comments to help me develop the content to demonstrate techniques and to pas over some creative direction.

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Tatto art - silvergumtype blog

Camera Collaboration with Denmark Based Weedio.

I would say on reflection that collaboration or affiliation to another brand or business is a great thing. if you can agree on what the ground rules are for both right at the beginning then you can’t go wrong. Collaboration is the way forward…

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Wedio give you, as a creator, the opportunity to rent your desired gear, and financial flexibility in order for you to focus on your craft. They offer you, as a creator, the opportunity to rent your desired gear, and financial flexibility in order for you to focus on your craft.

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