85% of Photographers Fail, Why? and What You Can Do Different!

by James Nader
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85% of Photographers Fail, Why? and What You Can Do Different!

Hello there, photography students! Is photography something you’re interested in pursuing as a career? Prepare to encounter challenges and relish in successes as you go. Everyone is surprised to hear that 85% of photographers manage to overcome the initial difficulties. If you want to be one of the top 15% achievers, what should you do to change this?

A Dive into the Realm of Working Photographers
So many photographers ask themselves, “What am I doing wrong?” when they have trouble getting clients. You can’t expect to start receiving clients simply because you own a camera, upload some photos, and wish to make it as a professional photographer.

Embark on a Photo Adventure
I did not always work as a photographer. The dream of being my boss has always been there since I was in school, but not necessarily as a photographer. I was an illustrator initially at uni and later migrated into a photo option at uni in year 2.

I decided to pursue fashion and advertising photography despite not having a camera since I knew those fields would be the most competitive.

Overcoming First Challenges
At first, it was tough for me to handle rejection and discover possibilities. But using my imagination, I was able to find a solution. At first, I had the piss taken out of me by agency creatives who allowed me to underquote on many jobs by mistake; my loss but their gain. Through word of mouth, I could land my first few low-paid jobs and then steadily grow my clientele, but not without the hassle and any financial and creative problems. You believe you are the one and only; everyone needs only to gain low-paid scraps from the creative table and have no kudos for working and work done for a few years.

Emphasis on Product Quality:

Put the customer’s needs and the quality of your images first. Making constant progress is essential.
Profit from People’s Positive Recommendations: Get your foot in the door with big bookings, even at discounted prices, to start earning rave reviews and referrals.

Maintain Contact:

Spread the news to all your friends and family that you offer photography services. Relationships with people are invaluable.
Saturate the Market: Beating out the competition is essential if you wish to make it big in the photography industry.
Response to Changes in the Market: Be adaptable enough to react to client feedback while setting prices that represent the present state of the market.


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Social Media Marketing

That Works: Simply relying on social media will not suffice. Join the conversation where your target demographic already resides.

Recognise the Effort:

Consistent effort, persistence, and a strong will are necessary for success.
You can differentiate yourself from the competition in a variety of ways; one of them could be your strategy or customer service.

Team Up with Your Competitors:

Collaboration between companies can lead to mutual success and word-of-mouth advertising from happy clients.
Being well-prepared is essential for professional photographers who want to create a favourable impression.


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Make an Authentic First Impression:

People will be interacting with your business online for the first time, so it’s crucial to establish a positive first impression.
Mastering the Art of Working Smarter, Not Harder, Will Help You Save Time and Energy.
In summary
Instead of dampening your spirits, this journey is crafted to empower you to confront the challenges that await you. Through dedication and strategic preparation, your passion for photography has the potential to blossom into a prosperous profession.

Whether photography is a hobby or a profession, the most important thing is to have fun and be committed to it.

Resources and Support
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Trust me when I say that I understand the feelings of doubt and difficulty. Perseverance and hard work, however, pay off. Hopefully, this all-inclusive book will provide you with the inspiration and knowledge to start a successful photography business.

Believe in Yourself as No One Else Will!

Way to go! It means a lot to me that you read this.

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