Essential Equipment Guide For Fashion Photography

by James Nader
Essential Equipment Guide For Fashion Photography

This post will grow over the next few weeks. I have some new video clips being posted right now on my YouTube Channel which will give an insight into the knowledge you will need to get into portrait and fashion photography. A series of videos that will go into the ins and outs of my own go-to kit, discuss my basic travel lights and generally give you an introduction to becoming a fashion photographer and portrait photographer.

I am in the process of building a new website for the education platform called
The very first product to be on there will be called The Business of Photography which will help photographers who wish to set up and go into their own photography business. The module is still being written right now but in October we will begin shooting the first video for the project to be delivered early next year hopefully. It would have been this Autumn but obviously, with the Pandemic this has changed much of the timetable.

This is the new trailer for the channel. Each new video will be featured here so you can watch videos 1-5 here or go to the channel.

Please SUBSCRIBE and Like the video and maybe post a comment about a Video you might like me to create.

Channel Trailer


A little about what is Fashion Photography and selecting a model and how to work with a mood board

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