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This Fashion Blog is NOT about me solely and i have set this BLOG up to give out information and to give advise those photographers who want it and want to get in in fashion and lifestyle photography. I hope to give an insight into to my work and what is needed but to also give those photographers who are looking for inside instruction on lighting, production, directing and model casting.

Some free advice will give you the photographer some experiences in setting up fashion shoots, casting models, working with clients, setting up lighting and post producing images for clients. I shoot Fashion for fashion clients and for advertising clients alike but also work with in the art world and hope to develop work towards exhibitions next year. Follow me on my journey and learn with me. Is it all that is seems or as fake as some people believe or indeed is it just another job but gives great opportunities? But this is something which You can tell me if you find out?


I studied first a Foundation and then 3 years BA Honours at Wolverhampton University probably a few years ago now 😉 ? There I learned the ins and outs of photography not just shooting with film but processing the negatives and printing. I was trained well by great tutors and a leading facility for photography. I learned the hard way but finally found my mark in fashion and photography in general. Whilst at University i was fortunate to be voted as the first student to be sent on an exchange to America. I went to a New york University and whilst there for 2 semesters found inspiration at the fabulous Rochester Institute of technology. I learned some of the old processes including Gum Bichromate, Cyanotypes and Dye transfer. I was also fortunate to see the original camera that filmed the legendary film “Gone With the Wind”

It was this camera that inspired me to find out more about the photographers and film directors who used these cameras and then the photographers who in turn had shot the publicity photographs for the stars of Hollywood. I was inspired and would use their lighting set ups to help inspire my photography style of lighting. I would set up shoots with models and little by little my style developed inspired by the true masters of photography and retouching. One such photographer was Clarence Sinclair Bull.

I found the jump from darkroom into the digital world a relatively simple leap and enjoy the process of the digital workflow. I have been able to recreate some of my processing techniques taken from my darkroom training and bring these right up to date now using them within Photoshop.

I assisted a few photographers whilst living in Athens and working for an artist agency whom booked Photographers direct from around the world, one who inspired me the most because of ethics and application was Uli Weber. Dedicated and focused he ran me though my paces using traditional film Hasselblad.I will be showing you how he worked and how i used to run my shoots with clients when we shot onlocation with film. I will preview my Polaroid Book of old.

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I am now working as a successful Fashion & Editorial photographer in the UK and happily married to my Wife Jane and have a great and active son called Louis, whom is already inspired by photography and has his own camera. I love what I do and where I do it and look forward to the greater photographic challenges that are in front of me.

This is my first ever Blog and would like to help inspire you to go out and do your thing too. Please follow if you find this interesting and spread the word.

Best wishes


www.jamesnader.co.uk (Mobile)
www.jamesnader.com (Official)
www.jamesnaderphoto.co.uk (fullscreen coming soon)


“Technically brilliant, James’ composes and captures imagery through creative instincts honed on a global stage over two decades. From New York to London. From Milan to the Paris. Whether editorial or sharply commercial, the transformation of real life to final image through the James Nader lens is an art in itself.

The unashamed beauty of the images on the Fashion pages contrasts with the fantastical creations unveiled in his composite galleries. Select his Flash Portfolio to see how James adapts to editorial presentation, then check out the cheek and directness Fashion pages.

His understanding of Concepts and Design and his unique editorial style enable James to understand conceptualise and create a masterful image this has gained respect with Art Directors and editors alike, add into this the ability to Post Produce & Retouch images to a high level and you have an edge over many other fashion photographers.”

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