Landscape Photography Scotland – Just Go Shoot

by admin
Landscape Photography Scotland – Just Go Shoot

Aprils Post is all about my trip to Scotland
Due out 7th April 2020

Picking up your kit and making a decision to just go, not even thinking about the weather or logistics. Get out and just go shoot. I di this last month in a snowy Glencoe, Scotland but when my first thoughts echoed that old song that plays in my head over and over. Is this a waste of time, can I get content and would anybody actually be interested?

Make that decision to go, just go shoot now is my mantra. The results from my trip both for video and stills are super. I don’t live in Canada and we don’t live with winter blizzard conditions. I am therefore not in my comfort zone, surely the results would be unusable? I realised that little by little chunking down the day you actually manage to deal with each little bit and push your comfort zone.


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