Richard Branson & Virgin Money

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Richard Branson & Virgin Money

A days shoot at the Virgin Roof Top Gardens on Kensington High Street, Bring Your Own Studio Please


[one_half]I was looking forward to the shoot with Richard Branson, I was commissioned by Mishief PR London to work with him and his daughter Holly for the brand VIRGIN MONEY. The task was to shoot him on the roof top gardens as he was going to be there for lunch with Holly. He was prepared to give an hour to a photo shoot go them both and so with this in mind we headed over to Kensington High Street.

On the morning I was told that he was running late and could only dedicate a short 30 minutes, Hmm i thought this is getting tight. The art buyer from Mischief plus all of the representatives of Virgin Money plus Richard Bransons PR were all over the scene. TeamNader had to import all of the equipment and transfer it all to the top into the actual roof garden. Here they had designated a marquee already in situ and this was to be the studio for the pictures.

After an hour of setting up and testing lights etc, we felt ready to rock and roll however the heads up now from the team was Richard was running even later, in fact i was told that when he arrives that I would have 10 minutes with him! I thought what the.How on eath could i shoo this in such a short space of time?[/one_half]
[one_half_last]After a short time interlude the entourage arrived and I was introduced to RB and ti his daughter Holly who was great. All of a sudden we were on Richard B was ready and had been fitted out in his red Trackky and was stood in front of me. Normally i ike to set up a rapport with the subject but he was a seasoned veteran of being in front of the camera and he asked the team what he needed to do. I fired off the shots in quick succession and after a few bursts re directed hime and that was it. Boom all over in 10 minutes.

Great to know that I am not the only photographer who fell could of time with RB, I was reading recently that it was the same for Chris Crissman who got 15 minutes as he was on location. Holly lined up in front of me and the PR team from Mischief wanted some jumping shots, looking happy and looking beautiful so they could use them for TV adverts and Bill boards. I managed to shoot 15 minutes with her as agreed and the shots were a success.

All shots were edited at the location before leaving and these were completed on the macbook and passed over to MPR team before we left [/one_half_last]

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