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Successful Ways to Market Your Photography Business in 2020

Keeping your head above water in business as a photographer today is a challenge. Any person can now walk into any camera shop and walk out with a camera kit for a very reasonable amount of between £500 – £1000 and all of a sudden now they are a photographer. A photographer who can compete on price against you in your chosen niche in photography not just necessarily on price or quality but on price and as most companies are price conscious then you have a problem. Brands, companies, and agencies have for these last two or three years are booking photographers regularly on price te reflect how sensitive their budgets are.

We think, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel and there seems to be a slight change back to clients wanting a photographer they can trust and who can deliver within budget and who can shoot with control and ability and look after their budgets also. With this in mind, it’s important to know how much marketing important for you being in business as a photographer or someone in the creative industries. To stand out in a crowd, being aware that good photography is all about branding and how much this is perceived. Marketing is your key to a successful business strategy be it verbal or word of mouth and networking online or offline with a portfolio website, social media or indeed offline in traditional methods, such as business cards, brochures, and printed portfolio and coffee table portfolio books is fundamental to your success.

At James Nader Productions #TeamNaderPro we have taken time to compile a list of 31 interesting ways you can think about marketing your business. This list is only a guide and resource to help you identify and implement your own marketing strategy and if you follow this guide you can help yourself move forward in your photography business

How to market your photography business in 2020? FREE eBOOK

If you have a photography business or are considering starting a photography business and wondering how to get photography clients fast, it is essential to have a good photography marketing plan.   This 31 point guide is essential for any photographer wishing to get ahead. This eBook was written by our team after discussing at length with James what he thought would be of benefit for Photographers.

GET YOUR FREE COPY NOW – Follow the link by clicking the picture or link, fill in your real email and then we will verify your email address the free copy link will be sent to you and the eBook is all yours.

31 free ways to promote your photography business in 2020.
31 free ways to promote your photography business in 2020.

Some other interesting points

1.  Blog to Educate Your Clients & Stand Out as the Industry Expert. Blogging is another way to educate your clients and create content that can be shared across media channels and within your e-mail newsletters.

2.  Offer to write a guest post on a local website in your niche. Find a few blogs or websites that have viewers in your niche and offer to submit a guest blog post. 

3.  Blog about your Photography shoots: Consistently blog your photography shoots. Be sure to use the keywords of your photoshoot location,

4.  Feature Other Photographers. Send them a link to the interview that they can share on their social media platforms. The result is instant marketing for your photography business.

5.  Take Advantage of SEO. When you are blogging, don’t forget to include your keywords.  I

6. Offer Free Content.  Offer a free download on your website great if it is presets or anything that can help others.

7. Send Monthly Newsletters. Keep your fans and clients up to date with your shoots.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Photography Business

8. Facebook Marketing.

9. Host a Facebook Group.

10. Pinterest Marketing.

11. instagram.

12. Connect with Clients on LinkedIn.

13. Client Testimonials

14. Use your pricing as a marketing strategy

15. Build a Portfolio Around Your Ideal Client.  

16. Collect E-mail Addresses.  

17. Maintain Great Customer Service.  

18. Get Your Photos Published in a Magazine.

Photography marketing - ways to promote your photography business in 2020.
31 free ways to promote your photography business in 2020.


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